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Benin: Webb Fontaine revolutionises customs with artificial intelligence

Webb Fontaine, a leading provider of advanced and innovative solutions for government and Customs, has announced that Benin has chosen its Customs Webb solution as the new Customs system, replacing ASYCUDA World. The information was made public on 25 July 2022 through a press release and follows the decision of the Council of Ministers on 06 July 2022.

The project reinforces the existing partnership since 2018 between Webb Fontaine and the Beninese government, and reaffirms the country's ambition to become one of the most technologically advanced trading environments in the region.

The project moves towards a fully integrated approach to trade operations, interconnecting all major trade platforms such as the single window, the port community system, the electronic cargo tracking solution, and now, via Customs Webb, the customs system.

« Customs Webb, Webb Fontaine’s Customs system, based on artificial intelligence, was chosen by Benin to continue the modernization of customs and optimize the trade environment.Webb Fontaine’s ability to provide cutting-edge technology and digital solutions is a guarantee of success. With this new system, the objective of the public authorities to make Benin an exemplary platform in the simplification and transparency of Customs clearance procedures has taken a major step forward.All economic players are supported by Customs as part of a successful partnership with the entire industrial, commercial and logistics community." Alain HINKATI, General Director of Customs, Benin

“We are honoured to have been selected by Benin Customs for such an important project. The longevity of our partnership is a true testament to Benin’s commitment to trade digitalization. Customs Webb is a powerful system that uses AI technology to fully digitise the entire clearance process. To implement Customs Webb will be a huge step forward in their mission and the impacts of such will be felt by the entire trade community.” Samy Zayani, Chief Commercial Officer Webb Fontaine

As a reminder, Webb Fontaine launched in Benin, as of January 1, 2018, the Guichet Unique du Commerce Extérieur (GUCE), a tool that integrates pre-clearance operations, import verification including licenses and certificates issued by Technical Ministries. It also integrates a community port system, customs clearance operations, and finally the electronic payment of all fees related to trade transactions.




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